About Us

About Us

I. About the DSWD Legislative Agenda Information System

The DSWD Legislative Agenda Information System was launched by the Policy and Plans Group (PPG) in November 2015 to facilitate access of the general public to the position papers prepared by the Department on legislative measures concerning the basic sectors it serves. The said system presents basic information on social welfare and development legislative measures and the Department’s official stand and recommendations.

II. The DSWD Priority Legislations for the 17th Congress

1. Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs) Bill

The bill reinforces the regulatory functions of the Department over public and private individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in social welfare and development activities anchored on Republic Act No. 4373 or the Social Work Law. It also provides benefits and incentives to registered, licensed and accredited SWDAs in recognition of their valuable contribution to social welfare and development.

2. Public Solicitation Bill

The bill, which amends Presidential Decree No. 1564 or the Solicitation Permit Law, seeks to protect the general public from unscrupulous solicitation through regulation. It will strengthen the system of granting permits to solicit funds for charitable or welfare purposes.

3. Positive and Non-Violent Discipline of Children Bill

The bill supports the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive program to promote positive and non-violent discipline of children in all settings including homes, schools, institutions, alternative care systems and workplaces.


4. Amendments to the Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000

The bill enhances the definition of solo parents and provides the sector with additional discounts for their children’s clothes; milk and food; medicines and medical supplements and school supplies, among others.

5. Elderly Abuse Bill

The bill defines acts committed against senior citizens and imposes higher penalties for their commission. It also supports the development of strategies to prevent or reduce the abuses committed against the sector.

6. Bill Establishing the National Council for the Welfare of Senior Citizens

The bill directs the establishment of a National Council for the Welfare of Senior Citizens, the primary government agency responsible for the formulation and implementation of plans, policies and programs for senior citizens to protect and promote their rights.

7. Magna Carta of Child Development Workers

The bill seeks to primarily promote the security of tenure of child development workers and provide them with opportunities for training and career enhancement.

III. About the DSWD Legislative Liaison System

The PPG Undersecretary, who is also the Department Legislative Liaison Officer (DLLO), acts as the direct link of the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) in the DSWD. She mobilizes both technical and logistical resources to provide the necessary interventions in the legislative mill and manages the Department’s priorities and sector concerns in both Houses of Congress.

The DLLO is provided the needed technical and administrative support by the Department Legislative Liaison Unit. Through the guidance of the DLLO, the Unit promotes the Legislative Agenda of the Department and other proposed legislative measures identified as urgent by the Executive Department.